Tackling Staff Resource Pressures In A Secondary School

Theale Green Community School

A successful approach to going cashless

Keen to start reducing the pressure on school administration staff, Maria worked hard to introduce ParentPay to parents whilst embedding the technology into the school’s existing processes. She wanted to drive adoption without pressuring staff or parents to allow staff time to be focused on more important tasks. Maria said, “I focused my energies on targeting the incoming Year 7 students, presenting the system to parents as the preferred method of payment.” This approach has proved successful. The school is seeing a continually increasing uptake and will soon have over 85% of parents paying online with ParentPay.

Reaping the benefits

Maria’s first impression was that ParentPay had helped streamline the school processes and greatly reduced their paperwork. Many staff benefitted from the time savings, and when one person left for career progression, Maria was able to distribute her work to other members of the team. Coupled with the administrative efficiencies, the school has saved significant time and money using ParentPay.Maria commented, “ParentPay is now used for everything, including collecting money for school trips, school meals and fundraising. With the advent of cashless catering, we have seen a tremendous increase in those students accessing Free School Meals (FSM) as they no longer feel stigmatised.”

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