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21 May 2024
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Are you a school governor or trustee? These are the questions you should be asking your school or MAT about cyber security

School cyber attacks are making national news headlines, with the Information Commissioner’s Office revealing a 55% increase in cyber incidents in the education sector in 2023 compared with the previous year. As this BBC report […]

10 May 2024
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Schools are under attack from cyber threats – here’s how to launch your defence

Which type of organisation do you think suffered the most cyberattacks globally in 2023?   Banks maybe?   Or large multinationals?   You may be surprised to discover that it was educational institutions.   According to Malwarebytes, the education […]

8 May 2024
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ParentPay Group leads edtech suppliers with grade A cyber security rating

7 May 2024
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Lomond School

Lomond School were seeking an easy-to-use product that could help them manage payments. Since the school had to deal with a large number of trips, it was critical that they chose a product that could streamline the process for trips. Read on to know how Lomond School were able to achieve smoother functioning of their day-to-day tasks and find the solution to hassle-free trip management.

16 April 2024
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Enhancing Special Education with International Dyslexia Learning (IDL)

This specialist multi-sensory software solutions allow learners to engage multiple senses at once to aid engagement and understanding and help them make connections with new concepts in more than one way. This type of learning can prove to be especially effective and helpful when it comes to improving numeracy and literacy. While the software solutions are designed for pupils with learning difficulties such as dyslexia and dyscalculia, it can be beneficial for any young learner whose reading or spelling age is below their chronological age and any learner who may struggle with numeracy. Dive deep into our blog to understand how IDL can help support the growing number of struggling young learners.

2 April 2024
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Empowering Educators and Administrators in the Digital Age

Our EdTech product suite includes a diverse range of items. ParentPay is the industry leader in cashless payments, Schoolcomms is transforming parental interaction, and solutions like Cypad, BlueRunner, and Meal Manager are helping schools deliver safe and healthy meals. ParentPay Group and its family have been at the forefront of assisting schools in running smoothly. Discover everything ParentPay Group has to offer.

14 March 2024
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Parents reveal what they think about school meal provision across Scotland

Our latest edition of Scotland School Meals Report has shown that 53% of children have school meals every day – which results in a 3 percent point increase from the 2022 survey. The 2023 comprehensive review of school meal provision across Scotland includes data and recommendations that schools and caterers can use to understand how to improve school meal services across Scotland. Discover more about what parents think about school meal services and gain valuable insights about the school meals landscape of Scotland.

5 March 2024
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King’s School

Learn why Hampshire's King’s School decided to choose ParentPay as their online payments provider.

20 February 2024
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ParentPay Group acquires GDPRiS

ParentPay Group today announced the acquisition of GDPR In Schools Limited (“GDPRiS”), an established provider of cloud-based data protection compliance solutions for schools.

14 February 2024
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ParentPay support school fundraising for Red Nose Day 2024

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