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We are the leading Ed-Tech business in Europe, helping more than 15,000 schools and 4 million parents create time for learning. Click on one of the links below to find out more about our brands.

  • Totally Cashless School Payments

    Collect payments for meals, clubs, trips, uniform and more.

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  • Revolutionise Your Parental Engagement

    The all-in-one parent app for schools, building a strong relationship between school and home.

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  • Championing School Dinner Time

    Creating a fully paperless catering operation - from delivery to plate.

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  • Innovative Software Solutions for Schools

    Providing cloud solutions for schools in finance, parent communication, and employee development.

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  • Management Information at the Heart of Schools

    Providing the tools to efficiently manage daily school life.

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  • Parentcom

    Offering parents your own branded mobile school app, which will allow you to communicate directly to parents and classes

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  • Bluerunner Solutions

    Cutting edge mobile and web solutions that increase efficiency, drive revenue and help you to better understand your customer.

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  • Totally Cashless School Payments

    Providing the ParentPay services to a European audience, combining Edv Service Schaupp Gmbh, Pair Solutions GmbH andMensaMax GmbH.

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  • Unit-e

    UNIT-e education management solutions help data-driven further and higher education providers respond to challenges in the sector, faster.

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  • Reading Cloud

    The library management system that promotes, engages, and manages reading throughout schools.

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  • Library Management Cloud

    Realise how intuitive an LMS can be with Library Management Cloud

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Our Story

We’re a European community working together to create time for learning by delivering services in data management, cashless payments, parent engagement, money management in early years and end-to-end meal management.

  • 2002

    ParentPay Founded

    Founded by ex-teacher, Lynne Taylor, ParentPay’s objective was to simplify and secure how schools handle money.

  • 2004

    First UK sale

    After 2 years of development, the newly released ParentPay system was purchased by Park Hill Junior in Kenilworth.

  • 2005

    Clint Wilson

    Clint Wilson joins the team as CEO, and accelerates ParentPay’s growth.

  • 2006

    Online Meal Payment

    In 2006 ParentPay launched the UK’s first web-based meal management service, further transforming how schools manage money.

  • 2007

    LA Projects Begin

    Croydon Council was the first UK LA to take their school meal provision cashless.

  • 2008

    ParentPay EPOS Launched

    ParentPay was the first to launch real-time electronic point of sale integration for UK schools.

  • 2009

    E-Government Award

    In 2009, ParentPay was recognised nationally for the success of its cashless meal project with Croydon Council.

  • 2010

    BETT Awards

    The BETT conference is one of the largest educational events globally. ParentPay was proud to be a finalist for innovation in EdTech.

  • 2011

    Parent Communication Centre

    2011 saw ParentPay consolidate two key services, cashless payments & parent engagement. This made it the first to create an integrated platform for schools.

  • 2012

    Advance Meal Booking

    ParentPay was the first to provide parents and school caters the ability to choose menu selections & receive meal bookings online.

  • 2013

    Development Centre Opened

    2013 saw the ParentPay team open an in-house development centre in the UK.

  • 2014

    Classroom Meal Selection

    Further building on the already successful cashless meal product, ParentPay introduced classroom selection for teachers, meaning pupils could choose their meals during morning register.

  • 2015

    Operations Centre Opened

    2015 saw ParentPay launch its enhanced operations centre in Coventry to ensure excellent customer service.

  • 2016

    nimbl launched

    nimble is ParentPay’s youth prepaid card and mobile app. Launched in 2016, nimbl aims to create healthy money habits from an early age with its prepaid card and mobile app.

  • 2017

    Schoolcomms Joins the team

    Leaders in modular parent engagement software, Schoolcomms form a key pillar of our Group’s offering with its best in breed communication solutions.

  • 2017

    Cypad joins the team

    Cypad is advanced catering management software. As a fundamental part of our Group, Cypad makes advanced multi-site catering management easy.

  • 2018

    WIS joins the team

    ParentPay Group’s first EU business joins the team. WIS is a leading Dutch school payments and communication business.

  • 2020

    ParentPay Deutschland Launched

    The acquisition of German businesses PAIR Solutions and EDV Schaupp creates ParentPay Deutschland. ParentPay is now helping schools across the EU improve their payments system and parent engagement.

  • 2021

    MensaMax Acquired

    MensaMax joins ParentPay Deutschland to further reinforce our cashless payments, parent engagement and kitchen management solutions in Germany.

  • 2021

    ESS the home of SIMS joins the team

    The ESS team join the ParentPay Group. The acquisition of ESS adds incredible MIS functionality to our Group.

  • 2022

    BlueRunner joins the Team

    BlueRunner add further compelling functionality to the Group. Leading in SaaS based EPOS solutions, BlueRunner joins us to bring further expertise to our team.

Group News

What’s going on around the group?

14 March 2024
ParentPay News
Parents reveal what they think about school meal provision across Scotland
Our latest edition of Scotland School Meals Report has shown that 53% of children have school meals every day – which results in a 3 percent point increase from the 2022 survey. The 2023 comprehensive review of school meal provision across Scotland includes data and recommendations that schools and caterers can use to understand how to improve school meal services across Scotland. Discover more about what parents think about school meal services and gain valuable insights about the school meals landscape of Scotland.
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Security is paramount at ParentPay. With top-tier ISO27001 and PCI-DSS Level 1 certifications, we safeguard your da… https://t.co/XnYtbpWobO

20 February 2024
Schoolcomms News
ParentPay Group acquires GDPRiS
ParentPay Group today announced the acquisition of GDPR In Schools Limited (“GDPRiS”), an established provider of cloud-based data protection compliance solutions for schools.
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20 February 2024
Cypad News
ParentPay Group acquires GDPRiS
ParentPay Group today announced the acquisition of GDPR In Schools Limited (“GDPRiS”), an established provider of cloud-based data protection compliance solutions for schools.
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Latest Tweet

Did you know 48,000 of respondents to our School Meals Report said they'd prefer a alternative method of choosing t… https://t.co/lEuZziBB3Y

https://twitter.com/Cypad Ltd
25 November 2021
nimbl News
Christmas shopping ideas on a pocket money budget
With Black Friday fast approaching this week, now is the perfect time for kids to start thinking about how they can use their pocket money to buy Christmas presents for friends and family. Giving your […]
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07 October 2021
Cloud-based, continuous improvement from Spring 2022 - Next Gen SIMS
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