School Trips

Take the pressure off teachers and streamline your school office with hassle-free trip management.

Our online dashboard makes managing trips of any size, year group, or location simple and painless.

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School trips
Hassle-free trip management
ParentPay School Trips Tablet

With Trips, it’s quick and easy to set up any single or multi-day excursion. From higher-cost foreign trips to a  free day out at the library, you can set up payment plans, collect consent, set availability, or ask for full payment up-front – all from your personalised portal.

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For Schools
Help parents pay for trips with instalments

Providing flexible payment options is one of the many reasons why our Trips module is loved by schools. Help parents spread the cost of trips with our instalment functionality. Better yet, you can also trigger refunds in just a few clicks.

For Schools
Gather consent & set free-of-charge or limited places

Make your trips go without a hitch. Keeping track of who’s paid, who’s hoping to go, or what payment is outstanding is taken care of with detailed online registers. Trip leaders have access to emergency contacts, medical information, meal choices, allergy information and so much more – all from one system.

For Parents
Pay for trips using multiple payment options on any device

Helping parents make payments as easily as possible means catering for the needs of each parent with socially inclusive payment plans. Give parents the option to pay in instalments, make a single payment, or a voluntary contribution. Limit places and set payment deadlines, allowing for greater transparency.


PayPoint can be used to make payments for any item on the ParentPay system such as trips, clubs, or school meals. Parents can make cash payments at their local shop which saves school staff having to count, bank, and reconcile the money.

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