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Across Europe, we help more than 30,000 schools save administration time, reduce costs and manage their data securely. We enable 8 million parents to pay schools quickly and securely, communicate key messages, book hot meals and much more, all the while remaining engaged in their children’s education.

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Transform how you manage money with the most secure and trusted cashless solution for schools in the UK. Whether you’re a primary or secondary school, MAT or local authority, you can collect and manage payments for meals, clubs, trips, uniform and more – all from one place.


Rejuvenate your communications and build a stronger relationship between school and home with the all-in-one parent app for schools. Pick and choose the best features to match your school’s needs, ensuring that you’ll always find the perfect fit.

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School dinners made easy. Empower students to eat well while improving the safety, efficiency, and productivity of your school’s kitchen. With our fully paperless catering option, caterers and local authorities can manage multiple kitchens at the touch of a button.


Providing schools with the tools they always needed but never had. SIMS makes school life more efficient and easy to manage for teachers, senior leaders and office staff. Once implemented, SIMS enables schools to quickly and efficiently manage school life and drive improvement.

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Reading Cloud

A successful library should be at the heart of the school community. Ensuring you have the library facilities to enhance teaching and learning is essential. Reading Cloud is a Library Management System that provides a cost effective way of cataloguing a school’s physical library stock, to help promote, engage and manage reading throughout your school.


Putting the power of your education management solutions firmly into the hands of your students, staff and senior leaders. UNIT-e education management solutions help data-driven further and higher education providers respond to challenges in the sector, faster.

ParentPay Deutschland

Providing the ParentPay services to a European audience, combining Edv Service Schaupp Gmbh, Pair Solutions GmbH andMensaMax GmbH.

BlueRunner Solutions

Cutting edge mobile and web solutions that increase efficiency, drive revenue and help you to better understand your customer.


Offering parents your own branded mobile school app, which will allow you to communicate directly to parents and classes.

Library Management Cloud

Configurable and robust, the Library Management Cloud core LMS provides a seamless way to integrate the various services your library offers.

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Innovative software solutions and applications for education. We help educational institutions to control and automate their communication, finance, and professionalisation processes.

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