Good communication is key to improving your parent-school relationships.

Paper-based parent communication can be costly. So why not supercharge your savings with online messaging?

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Effortless two-way communication

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Contacting parents en-masse in a timely, cost-effective way can be challenging.

That’s where our powerful paperless communication tool comes in. Messaging provides a full digital audit trail for all your parent interactions. The result? Effective two-way communication without breaking the bank. And it needn’t add to your workload either.

Using a combination of emails and texts you can connect with parents in real time. Better still, with free in-app messaging you can send parents notifications, giving them instant access to all aspects of school life – at no extra cost.

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For Schools
Harness the power of parent interactions

Drive improvements and make smarter, data-backed decisions with our built-in dashboard, reports, and analytics. Identify parents’ preferred contact method, monitor app uptake, and track bounce backs to build stronger parent-school relationships.

For Schools
Stay on top of attendance

Chase, follow up, and capture unexplained absences by sharing your data from SIMS. With in-app messaging, parents can confirm absences in an instant. All responses are logged back in SIMS, helping you build more contextual conversations.

For Schools
Capitalise on cost-savings

Cut down on printing and postage costs. Send texts, emails, or in-app messages to communicate key information, share learning resources, and announce upcoming events, allowing for effortless two-way communication.

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