Independent Schools

From rising running costs to competition from state schools, your school has plenty of challenges to overcome.

And that’s where we come in. We want to help you take care of onerous admin processes and cut costs, giving you more time and money to set your students up for future success.

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ParentPay Independent Schools

As the UK market-leader for cashless payments, our school payment solution is best-in-class. ParentPay lets parents make payments by card, bank transfer, or PayPoint for anything.

  • Collect payments for all school items – be it uniform, exam re-sits, clubs, trips and much more
  • Send payment alerts or school messages by text or email to parents
  • Gain unrivalled insights with comprehensive financial reporting. Monitor transactions, payment requests, income types and more

Given the rising running costs in schools, we know generating additional income is crucial. With Donations, fundraising couldn’t be easier.

  • Increase your fundraising efforts by at least 25% with Gift Aid
  • No ParentPay account required. Collect donations from parents, alumni and the local community
  • Add your school’s logo and branding, set a fundraising target, and share your fundraising page within minutes

Meal Manager, our paperless and cashless meal management solution, offers flexibility, transparency, and peace of mind whilst fully integrating with most cashless till providers.

  • Meal Manager links directly with your school’s MIS, helping you save time with simultaneous attendance writeback
  • Seamlessly collect meal orders online up to 10 weeks in advance
  • Safely manage allergens and allow pupils and parents to make safe selections

PayPoint can be used to make payments for any item on the ParentPay system such as trips, clubs, or school meals. Parents can make cash payments at their local shop which saves school staff having to count, bank, and reconcile the money.

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Independent Schools also benefit from
School Shops

Unlike many school payment systems which are limited to payments for certain items, ParentPay Shops is highly flexible, helping thousands of schools to go truly cashless by collecting for all types of payments.

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SchoolCloud Parents Evening

Say yes to paperless parents evenings and alleviate admin headaches with online bookings. SchoolCloud’s Parents’ Evening software makes organising appointments easier than ever.

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Medical Tracker

Whether it’s an incident, illness, or injury – it all needs to be logged. With Medical Tracker, you can report accidents, record care plans, and manage medical conditions online.

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Simplify school trips with our online management tool. Take the pressure off teachers and streamline your school office with hassle-free trip management.

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