School Shops

Flexible, scalable, secure. Let everyone pay through ParentPay – with or without a login.

Collect for all types of school items. Perfect for PTAs, village fundraising, school nativities and much more.

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ParentPay Shops
Collect donations and payments for a range of items
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We understand every school is unique. That’s why, unlike many school payment systems, your school can collect payments for ALL types of school items with ParentPay Shops. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Fundraising
  • Extra-curricular activities / lettings
  • School equipment / uniform
  • Clubs / wraparound care
  • Holiday clubs / music lessons
For Schools
Easy to set up and even easier to use

Categorise your payment items, display the quantity and size of each item and upload images in seconds. Edit, archive and re-list items that are for sale and mark them as in stock, low stock, or out-of-stock to generate more revenue.

For Schools
Built with flexibility in mind

Collect for exam fees, uniform, events, PTA items and much more. Accept payments via bank transfer, card, and PayPoint for maximum flexibility. Our built-in barcodes make paying with PayPoint easier than ever – payers simply scan to shop.

For Parents
No ParentPay login required

No Account? No worries! Payers can purchase items with or without a ParentPay login. Include a link to the ParentPay Shop within your parents’ payer accounts for frictionless payments.


PayPoint can be used to make payments for any item on the ParentPay system such as trips, clubs, or school meals. Parents can make cash payments at their local shop which saves school staff having to count, bank, and reconcile the money.

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