What we do

ParentPay helps schools reduce administration, manage payments and improve efficiency.

ParentPay makes collecting money for school items quicker and more efficient. It creates a secure online audit trail that allows schools to provide financial information and access detailed breakdowns quickly and accurately.

ParentPay makes collecting dinner money easy:

  • Payments are automated and visible
  • Debts and time-consuming administration are reduced
  • Payment reminders and alerts are sent directly to parents
  • ParentPay increases take-up of free school meals and promotes social inclusion – eligible children are no longer differentiated from other pupils.

You can also accept bookings and payments for:

  • Extra-curricular lessons and school activities
  • School uniform
  • Exam fees
  • School trips, plays, productions and events.

ParentPay improves communication and parental engagement:

  • You can use ParentPay to send information by text and email about trips, events, meetings, emergency closures and parents’ evenings
  • Parents can fill in forms and give consent online
  • Alerts, notifications and payment reminders are automated so that parents know when they need to top up.


ParentPay's new service - nimbl

    nimbl is a prepaid debit MasterCard® and smartphone app for 8 to 18 year olds helping them manage their pocket money or allowances. Children can keep a track of what's coming in, what they've spent, and how much they've saved, and you can put in place certain spending controls and limits to guide your children towards learning responsible spending habits. 

    More than a prepaid debit MasterCard® and smartphone app, nimbl is a valuable journey with the potential of transforming into a rewarding lifestyle - today's children will become tomorrow's responsible adults.

    Discover more at nimbl.com.

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