Using MYGOVSCOT and ParentPay

What is – myaccount? 

myaccount is a simple, secure way to access a range of Scottish public services online using just one username and password. Provided by the Improvement Service and funded by Scottish government, it is completely free and entirely voluntary.

How does mygovscot and ParentPay work together?

You’ll be able to use your mygovscot login details to access both ParentPay and online services from mygovscot – removing the need to have two sets of login details for both online services.

How do I use a myscotgov login to access ParentPay?

If you already have a mygovscot myaccount (or opt to set one up); you can then link this account with your ParentPay account, enabling you to use your mygovscot login details to access ParentPay.

How do I link my account?

When you go to the ParentPay login screen, simply click the ‘sign-in with mygovscot my account’ login link (image above), you will then be redirected to mygovscot sign-in page, sign-in (or opt to create a myaccount if you haven’t got one) then follow the onscreen prompts to link to your ParentPay account.

Once the process is completed you should then be able to use your mygovscot account login details to login into ParentPay.

Want to know more about myscotgov? 

To find out more visit mygovscot