Shops with ParentPay

Collect donations and payments for a range of items in a school branded shop. Shops can be used with or without ParentPay and anyone can make a payment... not just parents.

Many school payment systems are limited to payments for certain items but ParentPay School Shops is highly flexible, helping thousands of schools to go truly cashless by collecting for ALL types of payments.

And for schools without an online payment system, shops are a great low-cost first step into going cashless. Your school has full management over payments, including:

  • Donations / Fundraising
  • Extra-curricular / music lessons
  • Lettings
  • School Equipment
  • Uniform & PE
  • Holiday Clubs

And extras for secondary schools, such as revision guides and exam retakes.

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Whether you’re an individual school or part of a large academy trust, you can get all the great features ParentPay has to offer.

Find out what the system can do for you, and the service you’ll receive from our dedicated advisors.

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