Banking & security

Banking & security

Important school payments are collected safely and securely in a highly compliant system which offers comprehensive banking settlement and reporting facilities.

  • Settlement and reporting

    ParentPay's Collection Service securely collects and then settles school income weekly to multiple bank accounts.

  • Security & data protection

    ParentPay is certified PCI Level 1 compliant. We take security seriously and have the most compliant system in the marketplace.

Settlement and reporting

ParentPay makes receiving income easy, and banking and reconciliation more manageable.

It gives schools more control, more visibility and provides flexible tools to help you manage payment items online.

With flexible payments into multiple bank accounts, ParentPay provides a total income management solution for schools.

  • Go cashless and collect money for school meals, trips, events, music lessons, school clubs, fees, uniforms and more.
  • Easy reconciliation - every payment is linked to a specific bank account, and individual ledgers or cost centre codes can be applied to ensure correct allocation.
  • Weekly settlement - detailed reporting and analysis makes banking and reconciliation easy to manage.

ParentPay creates an accurate online record of all payments, giving schools an accessible audit trail that keeps debts, payment delays and disputes to a minimum.


Security and data protection

ParentPay has set a precedent for security in the school payments marketplace.

We strive to be at the forefront, setting the bar for the marketplace and keeping our schools and parents protected from fraud. We are a certified Level 1 merchant, the highest level of compliance enforced by the PCI standard (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard - PCI DSS):

  • ISO compliant - ParentPay is hosted in a data centre which is fully compliant with and certified to ISO/IEC 27001 and PCI DSS

  • Our trusted infrastructure is built on industry leading technologies, toolsets and providers to protect our clients

  • Cutting edge secure banking delivers end-to-end encryption from the client browser, right through to the bank

  • Complete finance audit trail including transaction references and identifiers link parent and school accounts to the payment and banking network

  • Data protection compliant - we are registered as a Data Processor with the Information Commissioners Office. Our registration number is Z7380292.

Our staff are enhanced CRB-checked and subject to a strict data security policy that includes the requirements set out under the PCI DSS.

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