School income

Total school income collection

  • School meals

    Find out how ParentPay can enable schools to go cashless with fixed and flexible meal options.

  • Banking and security

    Find out how schools and parents get the most secure, compliant payment, reconciliation and banking facilities.

  • Payment methods

    ParentPay is the total socially inclusive income collection solution, offering parents the ability to pay online or with cash through PayPoint.

  • Trips, clubs and other income

    Schools can not only collect school meal income through ParentPay but also payments for clubs, trips, uniform, school fees and other items.

What ParentPay does

ParentPay is the safest way to collect school income - children no longer need to bring cash into school.

ParentPay is the trusted schools online payment system, enabling parents to easily pay for meals, trips, clubs, activities, uniforms, music lessons, fees and more.

Parents simply load an amount on to their ParentPay account online - by debit or credit card - or using cash via PayPoint.



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