Managing school data

Managing pupil data across systems

    ParentPay automatically links with your school MIS to update changes to pupil data.

    You can set automatic, semi-automatic or timed updates to capture new information about leavers, joiners, year group changes, new academic year changes, free school meal eligibility, pupil record changes and  special dietary requirements. 

    ParentPay MIS:Sync will run a comparison of the data held in both MIS and ParentPay, highlight it and make any changes necessary. All the changes are recorded so nothing is lost and you can view or revert to previous versions.

A window into the school canteen

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  • Total transparency for schools and parents 

    ParentPay works with your cashless catering system to check which parents have paid for their child’s school meals online.

    It's automated - no manual intervention is required from staff

    Payments from ParentPay are sent to the cashless till and the vast majority of tills then send both meal transactions and balances back to ParentPay.

    Offers total transparency

    Schools and parents can view daily account statements and in many cases see the meal choices their children are making, giving them better visibility and more control.

Finance integration made simple

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  • ParentPay allows central income collection for schools, trusts and Local Authorities.

    Flexibility is key

    All online school payments are linked to one or more bank accounts

    Bank to an individual school, or centrally to Local Authority or trust accounts

    Our system automatically settles funds to the correct account.

    Central payments for schools can be easily reconciled

    Payments can be coded based on criteria set by your authority or trust and these reports can be imported into your Local Authority's finance system.

    Comprehensive reporting and reconciliation at school, year, class or pupil level

    Our detailed reports include income type or specific account / cost codes including individual payment transactions.

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