Launching ParentPay

Engage parents to make the most of ParentPay

To ensure you get a successful launch, we provide promotional materials and ideas which schools use to help parents understand the benefits of using ParentPay.

ParentPay improves parental engagement by giving them a convenient online way of making payments – and by providing a channel through which you can communicate with them quickly and easily.

With ParentPay it becomes a simple automated process to keep parents up to date with everything school-related, by text, email or letter.

When you decide to launch ParentPay in your school, we can help you promote the benefits to parents by giving you:

  • A step-by-step guide showing them how to log in, register and start using online payments
  • Promotional and launch letter templates
  • PowerPoint presentations and Flash demos for parents’ evenings
  • Promotional posters and banners (there may be an additional cost involved).

What are the benefits to parents?

  • It’s an easy way to make and manage their school payments online

  • Children no longer need to carry cash into school, making it a safer place for everyone

  • Parents are notified when their balance needs topping up; it reduces debt and there are fewer payment errors and omissions

  • They get greater visibility over what their child is eating for lunch

  • Parents can still pay in cash via PayPoint if it’s more convenient for them to do so.

A truly cashless school meal solution removes the stigma around children receiving free school meals.

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