Getting started

  • See ParentPay

    We always recommend that you have a demonstration to make a fully informed decision

  • Setting up ParentPay

    We offer comprehensive set-up support & training at a pace that suits school staff

  • Applying for ParentPay

    Applying for ParentPay is a simple online process but we are at hand to help should you need it

  • Launching ParentPay

    Having already helped 6,000 schools, we have the experience to generate maximum parental uptake

See ParentPay

See ParentPay, meet our team to be sure we have the right solution for your school.

  • Understand more about which one of ParentPay's many flexible solutions are right for your school
  • Check your figures with us, we like to be transparent and give you all the facts to support your decision
  • Find out about future plans,  so you can check you have the right long term solution.


ParentPay’s track record removed the risk associated with less proven solutions.

Annette House, Edinburgh Primary.

Applying for ParentPay

After you have seen ParentPay, had all your questions answered and you are ready to proceed, simply fill out an online application form that will be sent to you by your local Regional Sales Advisor.  

The application form includes links to our terms and conditions as well as giving us the all the information we need to have your school correctly set-up and running on ParentPay and at the time of your choosing.

Your local Regional Sales Advisor (RSA) will be on hand to answer any questions you have about the application.

Any questions about your application? Simply email your RSA directly or call 024 7699 4870.

We chose ParentPay for a variety of reasons, helpful staff and comprehensive training was an important one.

Helen Flint, Oldfield School.

Setting up ParentPay

Getting going is a straightforward process and we’ll give you as much support as you need.

We understand the many different processes that exist in schools, particularly with administration and finance, IT and MIS systems.

Our expertise lies in successfully developing, integrating, managing and supporting online payment systems in primary, secondary and independent schools. As well as for groups of schools via local authorities, caterer lead projects, federations, academies and trusts.

Our experienced customer support services team is here to help you set up, get trained and start promoting the benefits of using ParentPay.

Your dedicated implementation adviser will be aware of the concerns, issues and questions that are likely to be raised by schools, parents and all stakeholders

You’ll receive a launch pack that includes:

  • A step-by-step guide for parents
  • Promotional and launch letter templates
  • PowerPoint presentations and virtual tour for parents’ evenings
  • Promotional posters and banners (there may be an additional cost involved).

Computer-based training is tailored to your exact needs and delivered in modules so they fit around your other commitments

In this way, you can work through each section at your own pace – and repeat them as many times as you need. The training videos we provide are dependent on your requirements, but broadly, the modules cover:

  • Initial implementation and setup
  • Pupil uploads (depending on the MIS your school uses)
  • The core functions of ParentPay including payments and communication
  • Additional functionality including trips, meal management and reporting
  • Banking and reconciliation

We can also deliver further training on-site if required, for example, on specific areas of the product or for intermediate and advanced use. However, this will incur an additional cost.

‘Train the Trainer’ programmes

If your local authority would prefer to deliver its own training programme to individual schools, we can provide ‘Train the Trainer’ tuition. Ask your Project Manager about setting this up.

With any big change communication is key.

Monica Morley, St John Payne Catholic Secondary School.

Launching ParentPay

Engage parents to make the most of ParentPay

To ensure you get a successful launch, we provide promotional materials and ideas which schools use to help parents understand the benefits of using ParentPay.

ParentPay improves parental engagement by giving them a convenient online way of making payments – and by providing a channel through which you can communicate with them quickly and easily.

With ParentPay it becomes a simple automated process to keep parents up to date with everything school-related, by text, email or letter.

When you decide to launch ParentPay in your school, we can help you promote the benefits to parents by giving you:

  • A step-by-step guide showing them how to log in, register and start using online payments
  • Communication templates delivering key promotional and setup information
  • PowerPoint presentations and Flash demos for parents’ evenings
  • Promotional posters and banners (there may be an additional cost involved)

What are the benefits to parents?

  • It’s an easy way to make and manage their school payments online
  • Children no longer need to carry cash into school, making it a safer place for everyone
  • Parents are notified when their balance needs topping up; it reduces debt and there are fewer payment errors and omissions
  • They get greater visibility over what their child is eating for lunch
  • Parents can still pay in cash via PayPoint if it’s more convenient for them to do so

A truly cashless school meal solution removes the stigma around children receiving free school meals.

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