Features for Parents

School Dinners

Parents can view menu choices and check dietary and nutritional information. They can make the choice themselves or their child can choose in school. Primary schools can use the whiteboard app so children can decide during registration in the mornings. Parents can set up a daily spend limit for their children for peace of mind.

Online Shop

Whether it’s student photographs, uniform or equipment, you can allow parents to select and purchase items online. Give items descriptions, size and colour choices.


Manage school trips with ParentPay. Select parents from your MIS groups and use ParentPay to manage the payment and consent process. Set place limits and allow parents to book their slot and pay. You can set up lump sum payments, instalments, voluntary contributions. If you don’t require payment, you can still use the system to gain parental consent, request medical information and distribute equipment lists and trip information.


ParentPay integrates a parent messaging system so you can select groups from your MIS, whether it’s by year, class or specific parents, and distribute important updates and reminders via email and text.


Set up breakfast and afterschool clubs. Publish club timetables and allow parents to book sessions and pay from home. They’ll know in an instant where and when clubs are running and ensure their child secures their place.

Payment Options

Accept payment by credit/debit card. For families that would like to pay with cash, ParentPay is able to accept PayPoint from over 30,000 shops across the country.

Getting Started Is So Simple

Our experienced advisors are ready to help. They can answer any questions you may have; provide a quote for your school; or give a demonstration of our system. You can even arrange to see us in person; we’ll visit your school and show you and your staff how it all works.

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