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By adding schoolcomms to your current parentpay subscription, you can enjoy all the benefits of both leading systems, under one roof.

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Introducing Schoolcomms

As part of the ParentPay Group, Schoolcomms gives our customers access to market-leading parental engagement and communication software, which provides comprehensive online reporting, two-way parent communication, and allergy-safe meal selection from the classroom – all in a single system.

Parent Communication

Good communication is the key to improving your parent-school relationships. But communicating with parents can be costly. So why not supercharge your savings with online messaging. And say hello to the future of school communications.

  • Connect with parents in real time
  • Reduce time spent on admin
  • Harness the power of parent interactions
  • Stay on top of attendance

Effortless communication with parents

Parental Engagement

Parental engagement can have a positive impact on student learning. But connecting with parents can be tricky. That’s why we’ve made it simple with our FREE all-in-one parent app.

  • Share news, alerts, and free school resources
  • Record attendance data, track trends and unexplained absences with ease
  • Raise Pupil Premium funding

School Gateway, our market-leading parent app, is free

School Gateway, our market-leading parent app, is free

A parent app is one of the best ways to build strong engagement between your school, pupils, and parents. The Schoolcomms app allows you to bring all your services under one system with messaging, payments, clubs and more.

  • Send homework, reports, and lessons home easily
  • Replace sending text messages from your computer with in-app communication for free
  • Share attendance data directly from SIMS and work with parents to improve absences

John of Gaunt School reaps the benefits of online reporting

“We are a large Secondary school communicating with 99% of our parents via Schoolcomms and with 88% using the App. Only 15 parents now require a text message via Schoolcomms and a follow up letter if necessary. This is a massive saving in terms of paper, postage and admin time.”

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Schoolcomms has been transforming how Primary and Secondary schools engage with parents since 2004, so why wait?

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