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Free parent app with in-App Message
Perfect solution for secondary schools
Ideal for assisting home learning


The ideal solution to help learning through lockdown
If you want to see pupil attainment rise, one of the most effective measures is to build strong engagement between school, the pupil and the parents; the evidence is clear.

Quickly Identify Absences
Improve attendance and keep on top of unexplained absences, both in and out of school.

Effortless Integration with SIMS
Distribute behaviour, performance and termly reports from SIMS digitally to save time on administration.

Make Sending Achievements Home Easy
Choose which achievement notifications parents receive through our free parent app, School Gateway.

Complete Paperless Admin Support
Move to paperless communication and send home reports, timetables, homework and more quickly and easily, through our parent app.


Talk to your parents free of charge.
Texts and emails are great, but adding two-way app messaging is even easier. Quickly send out messages to parent groups at no charge.

Directly upload to SIMS
Parents can submit absences that are routinely recorded in SIMS.

Access parent messages from anywhere
Our web-based solution allows you to sign in from anywhere, on any device.

Set up frequently used templates
Set up limitless templates for frequent communications.

Exclusive discount for ParentPay customers only

We’re offering ParentPay secondary school customers a £200 discount off a Schoolcomms Parent Engagement & Online Reporting licenses. This discount is available up until April 2021, so hurry and take advantage now. Remember, School Gateway is also free!

John of Gaunt School Reaps the Benefits of Online Reporting

“We are a large Secondary school communicating with 99% of our parents via Schoolcomms and with 88% using the App. Only 15 parents now require a text message via Schoolcomms and a follow up letter if necessary. This is a massive saving in terms of paper, postage and admin time.”

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John of Gaunt Success Story

School Gateway, our market leading parent app, is free

Navigate home learning with parents
A parent app is one of the best ways to build strong engagement between your school, pupils, and parents. The Schoolcomms app allows you to bring all your services under one system with messaging, payments, clubs and more.

Send homework, reports and lessons home easily
Switch to paperless communications and get key messages home during lockdown.

Free app messaging
Replace sending text messages from your computer with in-app communication for free.

Attendance management
Share attendance data directly from SIMS and work with parents to improve absences.

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