Fair Use

ParentPay Fair Use Policy for Parents

Important information you need to know

The ParentPay Fair Use Policy (“Policy”) outlines the scope, limits and extent of specific features of the ParentPay Portal Account. This information may be referenced from within the ParentPay Portal Terms and Conditions for Parents (the “Agreement”), however you should be aware that this Fair Use Policy is subject to change, whereby those changes do not constitute a change to the Agreement. Definitions used in this Policy are consistent with the Agreement. By activating or continuing to use the ParentPay Portal after publication of the Agreement, you confirm you have read, understood and accept the Agreement.

1. Supported Payment Methods

Current supported Payment Methods for adding funds to your Parent Account and completing Parent Payments are debit and credit cards issued under the following scheme brands:

  • American Express;
  • MasterCard;
  • Visa;

as well as Direct Debit bank payments and PayPoint Payments made over the counter at PayPoint branded and authorised retailers, using a valid PayPoint barcode. Your School may offer you a PayPoint Payment Card for making PayPoint Payments, however we do not issue these cards on the School’s behalf.

We may not be able to accept some prepaid or international cards, supported by those scheme brands, where those cards are declined by our Acquiring Bank or payment processing partners. In such circumstances, your only option is to choose another supported Payment Method and we have no liability to you for failed authorisation attempts.

We accept no responsibility for any failures or restrictions within the PayPoint retailer network which may lead to your being able to make payments in cash.

2. Payment and Account Limits

The minimum Parent Payment and Parent Account load value is £1. Payments below this limit will not be accepted. You may be charged a fee for any PayPoint Payments below this limit where the fee is the difference between the payment amount and the payment minimum.

The maximum Parent Payment and Parent Account load value is £9,999. Payments above this limit may not be accepted. Where payments above this limit are processed, they may be refunded or returned to you and a fee of up to 1% of the load value above the limit charged to you, subject to a minimum of £2.

The maximum Parent Payment Balance is £15,000. Balances above this limit may be refunded or returned to you and a fee of up to 1% of the Balance above the limit charged to you, subject to a minimum of £2.

3. Parent Account Withdrawals

Parent Account withdrawals will be processed subject to a hierarchy, based on last funds in, first funds out basis. Where necessary, withdrawals may be processed as several refunds or credit transactions, across several different Payment Methods.

Under no circumstances will Parent Payments and Parent Account loads made using a Credit Card, be refunded via Debit Card or another source, even where Credit Card accounts have been closed. Under those circumstances, you will need to contact your card issuer to arrange the return of funds from them.

Up to three (3) withdrawals per every three (3) month period are free. Withdrawals beyond this amount may be declined, or may be subject to a fee of up to £5 or 1% of the value.

4. Disputed Transactions

You may be charged an administration fee for disputed transactions of up to £15 per disputed transaction.