Education Business magazine feature: The rise of cashless school

What’s the deal with Going Cashless?

Back in 2004, the cashless revolution was just stirring in schools when Croydon Council becameone of the first local authorities to adopt a fully cashless system.Since then, thousands of schools have joined the growing trend,seeing an increased uptake in school meals and vastly reduced admin burden as a result. In fact, in some schools using a cashless payment system, a saving of up to £15,000 per annum in administration time and cost has been calculated.

How many schools are planning to Go Cashless?

More than 70% of schools surveyed have already taken the first step towards introducing a form of online payment, although only 16% of schools said that they’ve gone completely cashless or are about to do so. Research by ParentPay showed that some schools still want to provide for cash based payment, whilst in many secondary schools pupils still queue up to payin the canteen.

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