Change to Terms and Conditions – inclusion of Cypad customers

Following our acquisition of Cypad Limited in December 2017 the Business and Assets of Cypad Limited will be merged into ParentPay Limited (“PPL”) on 1st December 2019.

The Cypad brand will continue to be supported alongside the existing ParentPay and Schoolcomms brands and customers of all three PPL brands can expect to receive the same high levels of service.

As a result of bringing Cypad and ParentPay together it has been necessary to modify the standard PPL Terms and Conditions to incorporate Cypad products and services.

At the same time, we have made some other changes, to ensure consistency for customers across the three brands, and to better reflect our operating the three product lines as one company.

The revised Terms can be found on our Website, but a summary of the key changes is as follows:

  • The PPL T&Cs are now consistent across ParentPay, Schoolcomms and Cypad product lines
  • Customers with products from more than one brand, will be managed under one agreement with PPL (updated definitions of “Agreement”, “PPL Products and Services” and “Effective Date”)
  • The introduction of a Hardware Rental Agreement (Schedule 2 and associated definitions) to cover the tablet rental for Cypad customers
  • Updates to Licence Terms (clauses 2.6, 2.11 and 2.12) to ensure consistency of licence terms across three product lines
  • Inclusion of bank transfer as a load method for parents (introduction of “Bank Payment” and “Reversal” definitions, changes to Payment Collection Service Schedule (Schedule 1) and associated definitions)
  • Changes to “Parent Account” and “Parent Portal” definitions and Payment Collection Service (Schedule 1: 12,13,16,18 and 19 ) to ensure consistency across the product lines, including dealing with charge backs, PPL as sole processor and operating guidelines for card payments.

Please do contact your existing account management or sales contacts within ParentPay, Schoolcomms or Cypad should you have any questions in respect of this change.