White Mere Community Primary School

Time to read: 2min 8 Feb 2023

ParentPay case study

Phase: Primary

Local Authority: Gateshead

Unique challenge: Minimise security risks by digitising admin activities


  • Digitise admin activities to increase organisational efficiency, whilst minimising security risks by reducing physical cash in school.


  • An easy to navigate and user-friendly cashless solution that offers a secure and trusted payment system.


  • Payments are now frictionless for schools & parents with ParentPay’s parent-friendly payment options. The customisable solution has provided the school staff with insights which has led to reduced admin time, allowing staff to focus on other duties.

White Mere Community Primary School discovers effortless money management

White Mere were looking for a cashless payments system that offered a high level of security, would be user-friendly and easy to navigate, and most importantly, was reasonably priced. With so many options available to them, White Mere looked to other Gateshead primary schools for recommendations on a system that would work for them.

Why ParentPay?

Despite the recent implementation of cashless payments in White Mere, their staff have already reached out to report the benefits:

Prior to ParentPay, any payments from parents/carers for items such as dinner money, after school clubs or educational visits were made in the form of either cash or cheque.

We’ve been using ParentPay for only a few weeks and the benefits are noticeable straight away.  One immediate benefit for admin staff is the reduced time spent recording payments from parents/carers We’ve only been live for a couple of weeks and there haven’t been any real challenges.”

Onboarding parents

Within weeks of launching, the majority of White Mere’s families activated their accounts, with only two families yet to activate. Here’s how the school did it:

Parents were advised a couple of weeks in advance that we would be implementing the system. Activation letters were sent home and a few subsequent reminder emails/messages as a prompt.”


Excellent support

Explaining that the reaction from staff, parents and students has been very positive overall, White Mere provide their final thoughts on their experience so far:

From the initial demonstration stage, through to the onboarding process and now that the system is in use, all contact with ParentPay staff has been exceptional. The support team are easy to contact, and any queries have been answered promptly.”

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