Whetstone Field Primary School

Time to read: 2min 7 Feb 2020

Schoolcomms case study

Phase: Primary

Local Authority: Walsall

Unique challenge: Reducing the amount of cash in school.


  • To go cashless.
  • To simplify and streamline payments.


  • A user-friendly solution which simplifies payments for parents and staff.


  • Less cash in school.
  • A significant reduction in time spent allocating cash and issuing receipts.

What goals were you hoping to achieve when you decided that an engagement system would be a good fit for your school?

We wanted to find an easy-to-use system for both parents and the school office staff. We also wanted to make the school cashless, meaning easier tracking of funds received and less time spent counting and banking money.

What made you decide to use Schoolcomms to reach these goals?

We found the system to be straightforward to use and liked that the app could be downloaded on a mobile phone, as this meant parents would no longer have to log into a computer to make payments.

Overall, we’ve found it to be easy to set up payments, send messages and access reports.

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What day-to-day challenges has using Schoolcomms helped you to overcome?

We now have information on which children are attending which clubs and who has paid for trips at a glance.

We are also able to send messages to parents with outstanding debts.

What has been the impact of adopting Schoolcomms?

Less cash within school and obviously fewer trips to the bank! It’s easier to trace money that has been received and it offers a straightforward process for transferring funds from Schoolcomms to Pebble (our accounting system) at the end of each month.

Better still, it has freed up time as there is no longer any need to allocate cash to specific accounts and issue receipts to parents.

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