Transform your kitchen management with the most powerful tool available in Scotland today.

Time to read: 2min 14 Apr 2022

As part of the ParentPay Group, Cypad enables schools to eliminate paper from kitchens. While helping reduce food waste, manage allergies, order stock and much more.

We are trusted by many local authorities and schools across Scotland to deliver a seamless and secure solution for kitchen management. And we are proud to be a chosen supplier of Scotland Excel for the provision of kitchen management, cashless payments and cashless catering solutions.

Many local authorities across Scotland have already chosen Kitchen Manager and are harnessing the power of more efficient school kitchens. The benefits seen include a significant reduction in food waste, improved health & safety and more.

“Kitchen Manager has allowed us to have people focusing on the things that we actually want them to do, the qualitative time saving has been massive. I would 100% recommend the system because it’s got such scope and depth to it and there is a constant sense of development and introducing something new.” – Director of Resources, Juniper Ventures.

With centralised stock management, you can see real-time stock levels and purchase products from 130 different suppliers across the UK. You can compile shopping lists and complete orders for multiple sites within Kitchen Manager, all with a few simple clicks.

Removing paper from the kitchen can transform how you manage your meal services and our cloud-based software is designed to simplify every aspect involved in the production of school meals. From ordering the ingredients to reporting on meals taken you can save time at every step with Kitchen Manager.

Our centralised menu management, enables you to create and distribute menus for hundreds of sites quickly and easily. Removing the guesswork on which meals to cook and when, saving you time and money.

Our system also simplifies the management of allergens, helping kitchens to create allergy-safe, pupil-specific menus which can be allocated to as many or as few pupils as required. Rest assured that high risk pupils are safe as they are unable to select a menu item which may cause them harm.

Kitchen Manager also boasts comprehensive reporting, a communication platform, a health & safety forms feature and the ability to automatically record stock numbers and temperature readings.

If you are interested in transforming how you manage your school meals service, get in touch today.

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