St Peter and St Paul CE Primary School

Time to read: 2min 5 Aug 2023

Phase: Primary

Local Authority: North Lincolnshire


  • Remove cash and paper from school to improve efficiencies, saving time and money.


  • Introduce an online payment system that includes school-parent communication.


  • No more processing cash in school
  • No paper in school
  • Easier for staff and parents
  • Less debt

St. Peter and St. Paul CE Primary School on going cashless

Since using ParentPay to collect income for school meals, the school was able to quickly realise the benefits it brings. Being cashless meant that less time was spent on counting money/banking and rectifying errors, since there is no need to write receipts or process any cash. Clair Welch, an Administration Assistant at St Peter and St Paul CE Primary School, also shared:

Charlotte, who is also an Administration Assistant at the school, adds: “We use ParentPay to collect income for trips too, consent can be given at the time of payment so there’s no need for permission slips or danger of forms getting lost!”

She also talks about how the establishment of an online school shop for uniforms has allowed the school to give the office time to process the uniform orders, instead of ‘on the spot’ requests. She also notes how parents are much happier paying online from home instead of bringing cash into the office.

Outlining the difference ParentPay has made to the level of debt in school

The school has noticed that tracking debt is so much easier now with ParentPay. The school can run a report to see who has payments outstanding and send them a text or an email from within ParentPay. As a result, the school has much less debt, because it has given them the time to chase parents and made the whole process much quicker.

St Peter and St Paul’s school offers their advice

Charlotte says, “Keep going! We noticed a positive impact on time saved within a couple of weeks. We ran a report every week of the parents who had not registered, and sent them another activation letter.”

Preparing for the implementation…

The key to parents engaging with anything new, explains Clair, is communication:

Clair continues: “Also, let parents know what support they can expect from the school. We have a ‘community computer’ in school for parents that do not have access to the internet so they can log in and register/pay. Most parents use their mobile phone and pay online, which is much easier and safer than finding the right change and sending it into school with their child. Parents have the flexibility to pay at any time of the day, which makes paying more convenient for them.”

Overall experience with ParentPay

Clair reflects: “On the whole, we have had a great experience. There will always be teething problems and the odd ‘blip’, but it’s worth it as it has made a massive difference to admin staff and parents. Our teachers also love that there is less paper to hand out at home time! We don’t ever want to go back to office life without it!”

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