St John’s CofE Primary School – An OFSM Case Study

Time to read: 2min 9 Nov 2023

Phase: Primary

Local Authority: Bradford


  • To simplify the process of identifying FSM eligibility, and ensure families and children are given appropriate assistance.


  • Online Free School Meals.


  • Identifying an additional 8 children who were previously not identified, ensuring no FSM and Pupil Premium funding is lost.

What were the key factors in St John’s CofE Primary School deciding to purchase OFSM?

While looking for a system that would help them with identifying free school meal eligibility and more, St. John’s CofE were primarily concerned with their chosen system having the following features:

  • Regular automatic checking for eligibility
  • New eligibility being identified as soon as possible


Simplifying Free School Meal application process and enhancing Pupil Premium funding with OFSM…

Immediately after the implementation of OFSM, St. John’s CofE Primary were made aware of what this system can offer them. Since the system provides the school with a singular point of checking, it not only significantly reduced their admin work but also helped them assist those families and pupils who were earlier unable to enjoy the benefits that come with free school meal and pupil premium eligibility.

“The system has identified 8 children who were previously not identified as being eligible. OFSM has also considerably helped us with the new intake.”


Encouraging parents and overcoming challenges…

As discussing any FSM and Pupil Premium eligibility can be a sensitive matter, the school was bound to face a few challenges in asking parents to fill out the eligibility form checker. However, St. John’s CofE Primary were able to overcome this challenge by asking all the parents to complete these forms as part of their induction process. Parents who had not filled out the form were chased by the school’s team to ensure that no FSM and Pupil Premium funding is lost.


OFSM helps St John’s CofE Primary maximise school income opportunities and place additional support measures…

Often parents do not realise that they may be eligible for certain funding and fall through the system’s gaps. This in turn impacts the school’s funding and ability to assist families and children. With OFSM, St. John’s was able to gain control over identifying eligible pupils:

“Pupil premium income has increased due to the system, and it will subsequently increase our FSM as well. Pupil premium eligibility also gives families access to support with uniform which helps ease their financial burden.”

Are there any additional comments you would like to add regarding your experience with OFSM?

In addition to being satisfied with what OFSM was able to offer them, St. John’s also felt that the service and support provided by the team has been exceptional not only through implementation but ongoing too.

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