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Time to read: 3min 4 Nov 2022

Total Cashless Catering Solutions for Primary and Secondary schools.

We are trusted by many local authorities and schools across Scotland, to deliver a seamless and secure solution for cashless catering. And we’re proud to be a chosen provider of Scotland Excel, for the provision of cashless catering.

20 local authorities across Scotland have already chosen ParentPay for cashless catering and have seen benefits including a significant reduction in food waste, an uptake in the number of meals taken and simplified reporting.

We have a range of comprehensive cashless catering solutions available, and we work closely with schools and local authorities to determine their requirements and then match them with the most appropriate solution to meet their needs.

One of our most popular solutions with primary schools is Meal Manager, a complete solution for online and in-class meal pre-ordering. Parents can pre-select meals for the week ahead from home, or students can use the interactive whiteboard in the classroom. After ordering meal choices are sent directly to the kitchen.

Parent pre-ordering also helps schools to reduce parent debt, as meals need to be paid for upfront before the booking is confirmed. Parents who are entitled to free school meals for their child can still use the online pre-booking system, they simply won’t need to pay anything when completing the booking.

“Meal Manager has made a big difference; the meal selection process is a lot quicker” Llandough Primary School

In secondary schools, our Data Capture solution integrates with all leading cashless till providers, saving admin time, removing dining hall queues, and helping to increase meal uptake. Parents have flexible payment options and the ability to see purchases online.

With the introduction of Natasha’s Law across the UK in 2021, allergy management has become an increasing priority for school catering departments. Our system makes allergy management simple.

Our cashless catering solution allows schools and local authorities to easily track and manage allergies, keeping students safe, giving parents peace of mind, and simplifying life for the kitchen staff.

It also makes it easier for parents and students, as any meals that contain their registered allergen are automatically hidden, meaning that they can’t be chosen by mistake. If you are interested in finding out more about what parents think about the school meal offering, then you can download our 2022 Scotland School Meals Report. 15,964 parents gave us their opinions on school meals in Scotland, and they offer some very interesting insights.

Download the Scotland School Meals Report 2022

Finally, with all primary school children throughout Scotland receiving free school meals, the tracking and reporting of meals taken has never been more important. Our cashless catering solutions enable schools and local authorities to accurately record meals taken, making it much simpler to claim that money back.

As well as cashless catering, we are also on the Scotland Excel framework for cashless payments and kitchen management. We can support you with the full package or a single product.

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