Launde Primary School

Time to read: 2min 16 Jul 2019

Schoolcomms case study

Phase: Primary

Local Authority: Leicestershire

Unique challenge: Making sure parents who spoke English as a second language did not feel excluded.


  • To reduce the need for continuous banking.
  • To improve efficiency in the staff office.


  • An easy to use system.
  • The ‘best value for money’ option.
  • A company with a reputation for great support and communication.


  • Trips to the bank more than halved.
  • Huge amount of time saved in administration.
  • Happy parents.

What goals were you hoping to achieve when you decided that an engagement system would be a good fit for your school?

We are a large primary school that takes a large amount of cash each week. so we were hoping to reduce the need for continuous banking. We also hoped to reduce the amount of time spent on administrative tasks to free up staff for other duties.

For our busy parents and carers, we were looking for a system which would improve efficiency and the service we offer them.

Why did you choose Schoolcomms to reach these goals?

We looked at several systems but Schoolcomms was the easiest to use and aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Good communication with Schoolcomms staff and efficiency by saving administrative time made this the best choice for us.

Schoolcomms were very competitive and it is essential we get best value for money.

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What has parent and staff reaction been to School Gateway?

We have 95% of parents using School Gateway. It is popular as all children in the family appear on the same account regardless of school, which has received positive feedback from parents.

With regard to staff, any apprehension quickly disappeared once the training had been given and the system was in use.

What challenges were you concerned about and how did you overcome them?

Initially we were concerned that parents who had English as a second language would find this hard but the administrative staff designed a simple and clear instruction sheet with diagrams and offered practical help to encourage all parents to sign up.

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What has been the impact of adopting Schoolcomms?

There have been many benefits to using Schoolcomms:

  • Hardly any cash received in school allowing banking once a month instead of twice a week.
  • Huge amount of time saved in administration.
  • Easy to keep track of payments and permissions.
  • Parents like the system and give us positive feedback.
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