Falla Park Community Primary School

Time to read: 2min 22 Nov 2022

ParentPay case study

Phase: Primary

Local Authority: Gateshead

Unique challenge: Improving efficiency for school admin staff


  • Increase efficiencies by reducing the handling of physical cash and eliminating paper-based activities.


  • A system that allows us to collect for lots of different payments, with a linked school meal system and the ability to collate consent for trips.


  • Parents now have everything in one place and there’s been a significant reduction in the amount of wasted admin time.

Falla Park Community Primary School’s journey to becoming a more efficient school

Falla Park were looking for a better way to handle and process school payments, initially in response to safety concerns brought about by the pandemic.

After concluding that an online payment solution was the way forward for the school, they were looking for something that would “eliminate the need for staff to visit the bank whilst carrying large amounts of cash”, as well as “reduce paper-based activities in favour of more time-efficient methods”.

When asked what some of the key features they were looking for in an online payment solution, the school said that it was essential to find “a system which had a school dinners function to link everything together whilst allowing us to collate consent for trips and allowed for lots of different payment types”.

And the importance of the parent experience isn’t understated either. Falla Park needed to make sure that their solution was “easy to use from a parent/carer point of view”.

Why ParentPay?

Falla Park are now firmly set up with ParentPay, experiencing all the benefits the system has to offer. But what led them to decide that ParentPay was the best solution for them?

“We didn’t want office staff carrying large amounts of cash to the bank. They would often have to make several trips at busy times. With ParentPay, everything is in one place. We’ve seen a reduction in the amount of wasted admin time (eliminating the need to count money, reducing paperwork, and removing any trips to the bank). Parents and cares now have everything in one place, too – they receive all communications through ParentPay: consent to trips, payment for items, and so on”.

The school have also praised ParentPay’s support and set-up, highlighting the benefit of being sent step-by-step instructions and the offer of tailored support offered to office staff.

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