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5 May 2023

This year, Learning at Work Week is from 15th-21st May and the theme is ‘Create the Future’. It explores how lifelong learning at work can help in personal and professional development while also providing opportunities to collectively create our futures. As learning is at the heart of all schools, why not use Learning at Work Week to help your staff invest time in their own learning?

We would love to support your school with celebrating Learning at Work Week. By using our online training resources and eLearning platform to create learning opportunities, you can ensure that your school is getting the most out of our system.  Learn more about how to get the best out ParentPay and run a learning campaign in your school as part of Learning at Work Week 2023.

Our eLearning Hub — LearnUpon

LearnUpon — our eLearning Hub is where all training takes place.  Here, we strive to offer all our customers a wide variety of training courses and resources at any time. After becoming a customer, you’ll gain access to our full training library and if you have any new starters at your school, they can self-register to gain access to LearnUpon immediately too.

How Do I Self-Register?

Courses designed for your ease

From courses designed to help you with your Weekly Tasks to courses that will assist you in setting up and managing wraparound care, LearnUpon is a fantastic tool for helping you get more out of ParentPay during this Learning at Work Week.

You have the option to enrol yourself into any of the courses you are interested in. When you click on a course, you will see a brief summary of the course overview, goals, and any badges you will receive upon successful completion. You can also look at our recommended courses to decide which ones you want to begin with.


Review about LearnUponEach course includes a selection of step-by-step learning exercises and/or pre-recorded videos to make sure you absorb all the material in the easiest way possible. When you complete a course, you are given a badge for that specific course. Share these achievements with your colleagues and superiors, as you learn how to master ParentPay’s features and system. You can also download your training history and keep a record of all the training you have already completed.

Promote ParentPay to parents

We even have a range of videos designed to support parents. These videos help parents navigate the system, address any inquiries they might have, and offer assistance to reduce the number of queries you get about the system at the school. They cover activating your account, adding children, booking meals, paying bills, and even withdrawing funds.

Review about LearnUponWe have determined the top languages spoken in the UK, and have made 7 of those languages available for subtitles on these videos to make our content as inclusive as possible. Depending on your browser settings, the subtitles will typically appear in your selected language when you watch a video.

Clicking the button below will take you to the complete collection of parent support videos, we would recommend you bookmark this page and share it with parents as needed.

View Parent Videos

Create the future with Learning at Work Week

While independent learning on an eLearning platform is great, we understand that you may be looking for some other ideas for Learning at Work Week. So, we’ve collated some great ones for you. You can even access our creative assets to promote this week at your school.

Virtual Meet Backgrounds A4 Posters Email Headers

Organise knowledge-sharing sessions based on education research

It can be challenging to keep up with all the different and newly recommended approaches to teaching, but if teachers can pool their knowledge and experience, it can be an enjoyable way to stay informed.

Make a sign-up sheet for this workshop and compile a list of recent education studies. List the studies on the sign-up poster, and any teacher who wants to attend the workshop can put their name next to the subject they want to review. Decide on a date for your workshop and invite the teachers to discuss their insights and discoveries from their research.

Game-based learning workshop  

Several studies have been conducted that highlight the benefits of video games as educational tools (Merino-Campos and Fernndez, 2016). In fact, Clark (2017) found that game-based learning was particularly beneficial for children having special educational needs. Once again, schools may schedule this session and instruct teachers to evaluate one or two studies concerning game-based learning and how to include them in lessons. Teachers can then discuss their research findings and lessons learned during the session.

Additionally, teachers can discuss how they have previously included gaming in a lesson plan and what the results were. Schools can even organise a follow-up workshop or learning session where teachers can gather to talk about the successes and difficulties they encountered while introducing game-based learning into their classrooms and to share ideas for the next lesson plans.

Learn with ParentPay – LearnUpon

Solutions like ParentPay are an integral part of the day-to-day running of a school. With so much to do throughout the day, having a robust knowledge of these solutions can make the lives of teachers and admin staff much easier. Set a date for the workshop and pick two to three courses that you think would be the most beneficial for teachers and admin staff to learn together. Simply log in to LearnUpon to access all your courses and get started with your learning at work. There are videos, interactive images, and content to keep everyone engaged while learning how to get the most out of ParentPay.

Review about LearnUponNow that you know more about Learning at Work Week and how you can conduct this week at your schools, you can get started with gearing up for these workshops. To get your school ready to make the most out of ParentPay with LearnUpon, self-enrol yourself today!

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