A Statement from our IT Security Team

Time to read: 2min 22 Dec 2020

As is being widely reported, SolarWinds recently suffered a security breach, potentially impacting tens of thousands of SolarWinds customers worldwide.

As a user of SolarWinds, as soon as ParentPay were made aware of the breach we isolated our systems and launched an immediate and thorough investigation. We have found no evidence to suggest ParentPay customer or partner data has been breached or compromised in any way.

Having analysed our detailed historic logs (available from throughout the full timeframe), and conducted technical forensics analysis, we have found no indications that those responsible sought to further access ParentPay systems.

All of our SolarWinds services and systems have been shut down and permanently removed from the ParentPay network.

Safeguarding customer and partner data is our top priority and all such information is given the utmost protection. We remain confident that such data was safely isolated from this incident.

Our dedicated IT security team continues to monitor the situation and are sharing any supporting information with the wider security community.

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