A Statement From Our Head of Security

Time to read: 2min 11 Oct 2020

We were genuinely saddened to hear of the recent incident experienced by WisePay.

Unfortunately, data breaches and cyber-attacks are becoming more and more commonplace. No organisation is immune.

We, of course, monitored the situation closely and continue to do so. We are genuinely hoping for the best possible outcome for WisePay while seeking any lessons that we could learn to protect our customers, parents and pupils.

ParentPay continually monitors its own cyber hygiene using specialist tools, and also that of various organisations in the sector. ParentPay leads the pack in this regard (we are the only ‘A’ rated business in the platform), but we note that WisePay was far from the worst-performing – it begs the question, who might be next? It’s concerning for all to say the least.

What can be done? Organisations can only try their best; there are no guarantees.

ParentPay does exactly that. We employ a dedicated team of qualified specialists, passionate about security and genuinely interested in protecting our systems, users and data – we aren’t just interested in ticking boxes – our controls and protections are there to add real security.

Our security is driven from the top down. Our board is hyper-aware of the information security risks facing modern organisations and we are fortunate to be afforded any investment necessary to protect our customers and their users.

It truly is a dangerous place out there in the ever-shifting landscape of cyber security, with real-world implications. Try as we might, no system can be perfectly secure – but that doesn’t stop us from trying!

We would like to extend our support and assistance to any of our customers, partners or industry peers. We truly welcome open discussions and information sharing, for the greater good.

Elliott Lewis
Head of Security
ParentPay Group

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