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ParentPay Parent Terms and Conditions - ParentPay Limited
Included below:
ParentPay Parent Service Agreement

ParentPay SMS Alert Services
ParentPay Data Protection and Privacy Policy

ParentPay Parent Service Agreement

By confirming your agreement or by using ParentPay, you confirm that you have read and agreed to the Terms and Conditions set out below which shall form a binding contract between you, and ParentPay Limited (Company registration No. 04513692) of The Exchange, Express Park, Bristol Road, Bridgwater TA6 4RR.

This agreement describes the terms and conditions for using ParentPay products and services, as operated and offered by us. The terms "you," and "your" are referring to you. "We" and "our" refer to ParentPay Limited.

Contract Term

This Agreement shall commence on the date of the first use of the service and will apply for as long as an account remains active within the application. Upon any termination of this Agreement, you shall immediately discontinue the use of all of the services and the license granted under this Agreement shall terminate.


By publishing a Change Notice on our website (www.ParentPay.com), we may modify any of the terms and conditions within this Agreement at any time and at our sole discretion, such Change Notice to give at least 30 days notice. If any of the modifications are unacceptable to you, your only recourse is to terminate using the service. If you use ParentPay beyond 30 days after the Change Notice, it will be considered as your acceptance of the change. 


ParentPay Limited does not routinely charge fees to parents for the use of our service. Parents can decide to optionally use paid SMS text alerts and in doing so accept the terms of the service as set out in the schedule below (“Parent SMS Alert Services”).

We retain the right to revise our prices to you within the terms of this agreement. Prices for ParentPay will be as displayed from time to time on the website www.ParentPay.com or such website as we may from time to time designate. 

Your Protection and Privacy

ParentPay Limited guarantees that it will not sell or rent any school or parent information as defined under the Data Protection Act 1998 ("Personal Data") to any third party that is not a member of the ParentPay group of companies.  Our Data Protection and Privacy Policy contained below forms part of this agreement.

Our Duties

We will use reasonable endeavours to provide the service in an accurate and timely manner and will use reasonable effort to maintain the availability of the service for you. We do not guarantee availability of the service and cannot be held responsible for any downtime or difficulties in accessing the service. 

We do not provide telephone support to you. If you require support you should either use the contact form on the website or contact your child’s school.

Your Duties

You hereby agree that you will only use the service strictly in accordance with this Agreement, and specifically that you will:

  • not use any payment card not legally issued to you;
  • only provide accurate information for card payment transaction processing purposes;
  • accept responsibility for any information provided under the account login provided to you;
  • keep your password and login details confidential and will report any suspected breach immediately to us;
  • not copy the ParentPay website or functionality or use your account access to aid in the development of a competitive product or service, nor will you allow any third party to access your account for these purposes, nor will you use the services in connection with any business or commercial purpose;
  • not publish or copy any information on the website without our written permission, nor infringe the intellectual property or content copyrights of us or any third parties.

ParentPay is provided under the absolute condition that it may not be used to support unsolicited commercial emailing, bulk emailing, defamatory speech, distribution of Internet viruses, worms, Trojan horses and other destructive activities, illegal pornography or abusive postings. You will not violate any laws in using the service.

You will take all reasonable measures to preclude us from being made a party to any lawsuit or claim regarding ParentPay. You hereby agree to indemnify and hold us harmless from any and all claims of whatever nature arising from any breach of your obligations, representations or warranties set out in this agreement.

Our Rights

We reserve the right to suspend and/or terminate your account access for any breach of this agreement at our sole discretion and without liability to you.

We reserve the right to temporarily or permanently withdraw or modify any part of the product or service in order to enhance the services we offer or where there are legal or technical reasons to do so. We reserve the right to require you to change your login details whether for security or any other reason.

The website design, the product software code, the graphics, banners and logos, and all other trademarks appearing on the website are and shall remain the our property or the property of their rightful owners. We reserve all rights in respect of such marks not expressly hereby granted to you.

Limitation of ParentPay Limited Obligation & Liability

We provide the services to you subject to your statutory rights but otherwise provided without any warranty or condition, express or implied, except as specifically stated in this Agreement. We will utilise reasonable efforts to maintain acceptable performance of services but we make absolutely no warranties whatsoever, express or implied, including warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. We cannot guarantee continuous service, service at any particular time, or integrity of data stored or transmitted via its system or via the Internet.

We make every effort to ensure that the information contained in our correspondence, reports, on the website(s) and given verbally by our directors, officers and staff is accurate to the best of our belief at the time the information is provided. However, we cannot guarantee the accuracy of all such information in all circumstances and contexts, and no reliance should be placed on such information by you.

If an error by us resulted in our not successfully completing a transaction, we will be liable to re-process the transaction wherever possible and where deemed by us to be appropriate, we will refund any amount as a result of carrying out a defective payment transaction, unless:

  • you had insufficient funds to complete the transaction;
  • the payment transaction was declined by the acquiring bank, issuing bank or card scheme, for any reason whatsoever, including cases where no reason has been given to us or by us for the decline;
  • our system was not working properly and we informed users about the service interruption before you started the transaction; or
  • circumstances beyond our control, such as fire or flood or loss of Internet connection, prevented the transaction, despite our reasonable precautions.

 We shall only be liable to you for loss or damage caused directly and reasonably foreseeable by our breach of this Agreement and our liability in these circumstances is limited as set out in the remainder of this section.

In no event shall we, or persons who act on our behalf, and/or the persons we enter into contracts with, be liable for any of the following types of loss or damage arising under or in relation to this Agreement (whether in contract, tort (including, without limitation, negligence) or otherwise:

  • any loss of profits, goodwill, business, contracts, revenue or anticipated savings even if we are advised of the possibility of such damages, loss of profits, goodwill, business, contracts, revenue or anticipated savings; or
  • any loss or corruption of data; or
  • any loss or damage whatsoever which does not stem directly from our breach of this Agreement; or.
  • any loss or damage whatsoever which is in excess of the sums paid under this Agreement (whether or not you are able to prove such loss or damage).

 Nothing in this Agreement shall limit our liability resulting from our fraud or fraudulent misrepresentation, gross negligence, wilful misconduct, for death or personal injury resulting from either our or our subcontractor’s negligence or to the extent such limitation or exclusion is not permitted by applicable law.

Partial Invalidity

If any provision of this agreement is held to be invalid by a court of competent jurisdiction, then the remaining provisions shall nevertheless remain in full force and effect. 

Applicable Law, Jurisdictional Matters

This agreement is to be governed by and construed under the laws of the England which shall have exclusive jurisdiction to adjudicate any non-arbitrable dispute arising out of this agreement.

Parent SMS Alert Services

You may decide to optionally use the SMS Text alert services under the ‘My alerts’ section of the site. In doing so you agree to the terms set out in the below schedule which forms a part of the ParentPay Parent Service Agreement.

Text account balance top-up

To use the SMS text alerts you must first top up your ParentPay Text Balance. Text message credits are currently charged at £0.06p each and the minimum top-up amount is £2.40, equivalent to 40 text message credits.

Payment can be made online from your ParentPay account, by any credit or debit card currently accepted by us. Payment can also be made in cash through PayPoint stores, using a barcode letter provided by your child’s school, specifically for crediting your ParentPay Text Balance.

Price changes

We retain the right to revise our prices to you within the terms of this agreement. Prices for ParentPay text message credits will be as displayed from time to time on the website www.ParentPay.com or such website as we may from time to time designate.

Price changes will be given at a minimum of 30 days notice.

Mobile phone number verification

In order to use the service, you must verify ownership of your mobile phone number. This can be done online by requesting from your account that a PIN be sent to your mobile phone and then inputting this PIN, within seven days, into your account profile. This verification method may use one of your text message credits.

Alternatively you can request a 16 digit mobile registration code from your school and text this code to the ParentPay inbound text number, to verify ownership of your mobile number and link it to your ParentPay account.

Activating and using alerts

Once verified, you can activate and deactivate a range of SMS text alerts from the ‘My alerts’ page of your account, where alert types available may include:

  • Balance alerts – sent no more than once every 3 days, when your child’s account balance reaches the level set by you;
  • New item alerts – sent no more than once a day, when the school creates a new payment item for your children;
  • Payment alerts – sent when your school receives a cheque, cash or PayPoint payment for your child;
  • Message alerts – sent as a text, to inform you when your school sends you an email through ParentPay.

ParentPay Text Balance 

Each automated alert sent by the system will debit your ParentPay Text Balance by one text message credit per message sent, except where messages extend beyond 160 characters, whereby multiple message credits may be required to process the text alert. 

In normal operation, messages will only extend beyond 160 characters where alerts are sent for multiple children or multiple services or accounts. Where possible, service names and pupil names may be shortened to allow alerts to be sent as single messages.

It is your responsibility to ensure that your ParentPay Text Balance in credit. If your ParentPay Text Balance falls below the balance required to process the alert before you top-up the balance again, no alert will be sent.

School use of mobile number

Once provided by you, whether or not verified, your mobile number can be used by school for sending school-home communication and messages. These school sent messages are NOT paid for by you and will NOT be charged to your ParentPay Text Balance.

Our commitment to you

The text messages are sent through a Tier 1 mobile services aggregator that has direct level connection into each UK mobile network operator.

We will use reasonable endeavours to provide the service in an accurate and timely manner and will use reasonable effort to maintain the availability of the service for you. We do not guarantee availability of the service and cannot be held responsible for any downtime or difficulties in accessing the service or for delays in or inability to send messages.

Limitation of liability

We accept no responsibility for any loss, direct or indirect, as a result of:

  • Messages not sent as a result of insufficient ParentPay Text Balance;
  • Messages delayed;
  • Messages not successfully received;
  • Unclear messages as a result of service names or pupil names being automatically shortened by the system;
  • Inaccurate or unwanted messages sent as a result of
    • inaccurate account balances caused by the action of any third party, whether the school or another school system provider such as a cashless catering system provider, or
    • unwanted messages caused by schools listing payment items not applicable to your children;
  • Any other exclusions as defined within this entire agreement.

Refunds of ParentPay Text Balance

No refunds to parents of any remaining ParentPay Text Balance will be possible where:

  • The original ParentPay Text Balance was credited to the parent by their school or and not as a result of a balance purchased from us
  • The original payment was made through PayPoint
  • The original payment was not made by an online card payment to us
  • Where the card used to make the original payment is no longer valid

Refunds will only be made against the original payment card used in the payment to us.

We will charge an Administration Fee for any refunds of the ParentPay Text Balance, to cover the cost of the administration and card and or bank costs of processing the refund.

The Administration Fee is currently £5.00, which will be charged against the remaining ParentPay Text Balance. As a result, all refund requests where the ParentPay Text Balance is less than the Administration Fee will not be processed.

ParentPay Data Protection and Privacy Policy

This website is owned by ParentPay Limited. We regard your privacy as important and any personal information you give to us will be used in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998. We do not store any personal information about individuals who visit this site except where they provide contact information or use one of our online services. Any information you provide will only be used for the reasons specified, and it will not be shared with any third party without your consent, unless required by law. We will amend or delete any personal data relating to you that are found to be incorrect or out of date. If you are aware of any changes that should be made to your personal data, please contact us at the address below as soon as possible. You can request a copy of the details that we hold about you. A small fee may be payable. 

ParentPay use a third party hosting company to manage the servers and store the data and for the data subject's assurance, this company are ISO 27001 accredited. They do not access any ParentPay data for the purposes of providing their services to us. 

The personal information that we collect is used for the following purposes,

  • to provide you with the service applied for
  • for the ongoing administration of the service
  • to allow us to improve the products and services we offer to our customers
  • for research and statistical analysis including payment and usage patterns
  • for the prevention and detection of crime and fraud
  • to enable us to comply with our legal and regulatory obligations

We do NOT use your personal information for marketing purposes. 

We will retain your information for as long as necessary to fulfil the purpose(s) above, and in accordance with the law. We will only disclose your information to other parties in the following limited circumstances

  • where we are legally obliged to do so, e.g. to law enforcement and regulatory authorities
  • where there is a duty to disclose in the public interest
  • where disclosure is necessary to protect our interest e.g. to prevent or detect crime and fraud
  • where you give us permission to do so e.g. on an application form

We use reputable agents (data processors) to fulfil services on our behalf, e.g. payment service providers and acquiring banks for the authorisation and settlement of credit and debit card transactions. We will provide information to those agents specifically for use in connection with those services. The information that we provide to them will be protected by a confidentiality agreement and is to be used solely for fulfilling the service. These agents are required to process the information in accordance with the DPA and our specific instructions. 

Management Information
ParentPay Limited collects statistical data about usage of our websites. This information is not used to identify individuals, but is collected to provide us with an understanding of the areas of interest on our site and how our site is being used.

If you are connected to the internet you will have an IP Address. This may take the form of a figure, such as 444.333.22.1. The address will be automatically collected and logged as part of the connection of your computer to our web server and may be used to determine the total number of visits to each part of the site. This data is not collected and used for other purposes. 

ParentPay Limited may sometimes use cookies. Cookies are devices which identify your computer to our server and personalise the site for your future use. Cookies only record the areas of our site that a computer has visited. A cookie will not provide us with any personal information, so if you have not supplied us with any personal information, you can still browse our site anonymously. You can amend your browser settings to prevent cookies, but this might affect your use of this site. 

ParentPay's website contains links to other websites. ParentPay is not responsible for the privacy practices of other sites or organisations, and recommends you consult the privacy information on those sites. 

Changes to this policy
This policy will be reviewed and updated versions will be posted on the website. 

Further information
If you would like more information about Data Protection in ParentPay, contact:
The Data and Information Security Officer,
ParentPay Ltd, The Exchange, Express Park, Bristol Road, Bridgwater.TA6 4RR

Name & Registered Office:

ParentPay Limited

11 Kingsley Lodge, 13 New Cavendish Street

London W1G 9UG