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Since 2004, hundreds of Local Authorities across the UK have trusted us to deliver large, multi-school projects.

Together, we can help you achieve greater consistency and efficiency across your schools. The result? More time to dedicate to teaching pupils and improving learning outcomes.

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Schoolcomms Local Authorities
Custom-built to suit your needs

Add any one of our modules, as and when you need it. Build a scalable solution that grows to meet the ever-evolving needs of your schools.

  • Customise your parent app by including your schools’ unique branding
  • Pick from our range of features, each one built to help make managing your schools easier
  • Seamlessly adopt across all of your schools, no matter their differences
Make data-backed decisions

Gain a real-time view of your schools with centralised reporting. Leverage powerful data insights to reduce inefficiencies and supercharge your savings.

  • Gain better visibility of your schools’ income and expenditure
  • Help free up funding for school improvement
  • Reduce inefficiencies and gain unlimited insights with detailed financial reconciliation reports

Do away with multiple systems. Bring all of your administrative resources together on one easy-to-use powerful platform, allowing for greater efficiency, collaboration, and insight.

  • Access all schools within your authority from one central account
  • Gain faster insight into costs and performance from the get-go
  • One system, one contract, one invoice – benefit from your schools sharing one system
  • Share support and bespoke group training across your schools 
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Group Manager

Manage multiple school income reporting from a single dashboard, no matter how many schools are in your LA

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Cashless Payments

Make payments pain-free. We know that collecting, counting and handling cash can be anything but easy. With online payments, the process has never been simpler or safer.

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