Online Free School Meals (OFSM)

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Online Free School Meals (OFSM) helps schools to simplify the Free School Meal application process, encouraging parents who may be eligible to apply and enabling schools to enhance Pupil Premium funding.
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Helping make Free School Meal applications effortless for schools and parents

Many schools struggle with identifying which children in their school are eligible for Free School Meal and Pupil Premium funding. The application process can be admin heavy and very often parents may not even realise that they may be eligible. OFSM enables schools to simplify the process of Free School Meal applications.

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Significantly reduced admin

OFSM significantly reduces the admin involved in applying for Free School Meal funding. When schools purchase OFSM, they can then provide parents with a simple form to complete to apply. After the form is submitted OFSM automatically checks the required government databases to determine eligibility.

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Enhanced Pupil Premium funding

Free School Meal eligibility is an indicator that a child may be eligible for Pupil Premium funding. OFSM improves visibility for schools over which children are eligible for Free School Meal funding and therefore may be eligible for Pupil Premium or other types of funding.

Almost instant result

After submission of the application OFSM performs the checks and returns a result almost immediately, automatically notifying both the parent and the school of the result. If an application is unsuccessful OFSM will automatically re-check eligibility every two weeks.

“We think the service is wonderful, it saves us so much time and worry, we get an answer immediately on whether or not the applicant is able to claim free school meals. Thank you, it’s a must have service!”

School Administrator, Hampshire County Council school

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