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We work with some of the UK’s largest MATs, helping them reach their parental engagement goals whilst saving them money.

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Working in partnership
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We’ve been innovating parent engagement technology since 2004, working alongside local authorities and academy trusts to deliver large multi-school projects.

Studies have shown that parent engagement improves student performance. It sounds simple, but in practice, it can weigh down already overstretched staff. That’s where Group Manager comes in. Schoolcomms is a single, integrated system that’s easy to use and syncs seamlessly with your MIS, saving your staff the time they need to focus on education.

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We’ve developed our technology to save schools time, money and improve their parent engagement

Not only that, we’re able to automate tasks that have historically been carried out manually, as well as streamlining back-office administration.

  • A cost-effective way to streamline administrative resources
  • One system, one contract, one invoice
  • Group purchase concessions
  • Greater control of communication and standardisation of procedures
  • Create bespoke product mixes to suit each school in the MAT
Schoolcomms payments reporting
Centralised Reporting with Group Manager

Our Group Manager Application provides MAT leaders with everything they need to manage spending and communications across the group.

  • Complete visibility of payments collected by each of the schools in your trust
  • Detailed financial reconciliation reports
  • Manage spending by viewing text credit usage across the trust
  • Reduce the cost of communications by managing parent app uptake
  • Add your MAT branding to the parent app alongside each school’s own logo and colours, identifying schools as part of your group
Support and Expertise
  • Free consultation to find the best solution for your schools
  • Phased implementation, planning, and delivery
  • Tailored ongoing training programmes for staff
  • Alignment of start/renewal contract dates
  • Easy on-boarding for any new schools joining your MAT
Schoolcomms 81 million pounds paid last year
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Whether you’re looking for advice on improving your parent communication, interested in asking any questions about Schoolcomms, or want to book a demo, we’d love to hear from you. If you’d like to meet us in person, we can come to you. Simply ask us for an in-person appointment, and we can show you how it all works.

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