Secondary school cashless catering

A cloud and tablet-based POS (point of sale) cashless catering system, providing schools with all the tools needed to run their kitchen and manage an efficient service.

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Offering secondary schools a truly flexible service, reducing the need for expensive and bulky hardware.

Manage different menus per service type and student type, allowing students and caterers to view the dietary requirements and allergens.

Comprehensive Management tools are available for all modules to allow this cashless catering solution to be completely self-managed. Standard KPIs available through our dashboard make reporting quick and simple.

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Flexible cashless catering

Run services without the reliance for network connectivity – operate in offline mode to ensure you can continue to trade. BlueRunner runs on an Android tablet, removing the need for any expensive and bulky hardware. The back-of-house system is web-responsive, allowing operators to use the tool on the go from a tablet or laptop, which ensures there’s no need for any local installation.

Recognition methods

Integrate with biometric solutions or your schools’ internal card ID systems for student recognition. i.e. fingerprint or facial recognition. BlueRunner can also operate as a standalone cashless catering solution, with recognition via the student’s app, removing the need to integrate with any internal systems.

Meal attendance & additional modules

Process service for multiple service types i.e. Breakfast Club, Lunch etc. in an intuitive UI that helps improve efficiency. Forms, Documents, Data Capture and Messages all support kitchens in their day-to-day operations and support operators to run a centrally managed cashless catering solution.

What schools think about BlueRunner:
“Implementing the BlueRunner system was easy – our team adopted it quickly which has helped improve overall efficiency and increased engagement with our students.”

Operations Manager, Eltham College

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