School Gateway

We’re on a mission to make parental engagement easier than ever.

Our all-in-one School Gateway app helps build stronger parent-school partnerships, giving every child the support they need to succeed. Available from the App Store or Google Play.

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School gateway
Parental engagement made easy
School gateway

With School Gateway, you can manage all your parent interactions via our easy-to-use school app.

Our all-in-one solution syncs with your MIS, making school life simpler than ever. Manage your payments, parent communication, school dinners, clubs, trips and more with a single login. Tricky admin processes are taken care of in an instant, giving you more time to dedicate to your students.

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For Schools
Free in-app messaging

Save money on paper, printing, and postage with free-in app messages, sharing key updates with targeted parent groups in real time.

Parents and School gateway
For Schools
Cashless payments

Collect online payments for everything from school meals and trips, to after-school clubs and wraparound care. All from our mobile app.

For Schools
Add your school branding

Help your parents feel at home. Add your logo, school colours, and banner to create a custom school app that promotes your school’s community.

School engagement resources

The ultimate guide to parental engagement

Your step-by-step guide for improving parental engagement.


Discover how much you could save with Schoolcomms.

750,000 UK parents use Schoolcomms
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