School meals

Comprehensive and flexible solutions

ParentPay recognises that school meals are managed in different ways in schools.

ParentPay can operate independently or work with existing cashless tills, MIS attendance to fully manage flexible meal choices and set fixed priced meals.

  • Cashless tills

    ParentPay has the most comprehensive proven integration with all leading cashless till solutions.

  • Fixed priced meals

    Schools can manage school meal attendance within ParentPay or through all leading MIS.

  • Reporting & reconciliation

    Every ParentPay solution includes integrated comprehensive reporting with full audit trails.

  • Meal bookings & selections

    Schools can enable parents and children to book meal places or select meal choices in advance.

The only truly cashless solution

ParentPay provides flexible, truly cashless income collection and meal administration for both primary and secondary schools.

  • Creates a safer environment where children no longer need to carry cash

  • Drives efficiency by removing cash from school and reducing administration time 

  • Makes payment convenient for parents who can pay online or through PayPoint

  • Removes social stigma as FSM pupils are managed in the same way as paying pupils

  • Removes duplication - integrates with school MIS, cashless tills and finance systems.

The collection of dinner money and cheques used to take two members of the office staff almost two days to record, count and bank. Now it’s just a quick check to see who hasn’t paid and send a reminder. 

Yvonne Sachs, Office Administrator, Atwood Primary School

ParentPay with cashless tills

Go truly cashless - use ParentPay with existing school cashless catering.

Whichever system you use, it will link with ParentPay to automatically check for payments and account balances.

  • Helps keep pupils and dinner money safe

  • Supports schools' healthy eating agendas

  • Increases school meal uptake and spend.

Parents get peace of mind knowing their money reaches the school safely; they can view detailed account statements of debits and credits - and see the meal choices their child makes.

Easy settlement and reconciliation as payments are settled weekly to school or caterer accounts with comprehensive integrated meal income reporting facilities.

According to a recent LACA survey, more than 90% of parents said they preferred to pay online. They found it more convenient, plus they wanted more visibility over what their children were eating.

LACA school meals 2014 survey - over 15,000 parents responded

Meal bookings and selections

Why not enable parents and children to book meal places and even select meals in advance - at home or even in class.

Drives efficiencies as staff have access to meal analysis and trends, helping reduce wastage and unecessary costs.

Engages children by encouraging them to book or select meal choices on whiteboards or other internet-enabled devices in the classroom.

Offers peace of mind by allowing parents to book meals, select menu choices and see nutritional data in advance, offering greater visibility and control over what their child is eating.

Offers flexibility by giving parents the opportunity to book in advance and amend meal bookings and meal choices, with all data accessible online or in print to kitchen staff.

ParentPay’s performance in Croydon, where meal uptake had increased from 9,500 to 14,000 meals a day, proved that ParentPay had an excellent track record.

Stephen Hetenyi, Gloucestershire County Council.

Reporting and reconciliation

ParentPay offers extensive meal reporting facilities making time critical tasks easy.

Makes reconciliation simple with real-time comprehensive reporting of meal items bought and current balances against each pupilclass or year group across configurable date ranges.

Reduces parental debt by creating debtor reports which can be used to send debt letters or SMS/email alerts from within ParentPay.

Avoids duplication of effort by sharing income collection data automatically with leading school finance, MIS and cashless sytems.  

We wanted to give parents more options to pay and reduce the risk to students carrying large sums of money.

Helen Flint, Financial Administrator, Oldfield School.

Fixed priced meals

No more collecting paper slips and change on a Monday morning or counting hands at registration time. 

ParentPay automates dinner money collection to keep things simple.

Our dinner money module is flexible - school staff can manage meal attendance in the school MIS or directly within our system.

Easy to manage - you can set daily or weekly minimum payment amounts required for fixed price meals and parents can see reducing balances.

Comprehensive reporting allows schools access to full audit trails including date range reporting for reconciliation or individual query resolution.

ParentPay is one of the best things that I have introduced to school.

Business Manager, Bridgetown Primary School

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