Nutritional Analysis

Linking directly with suppliers through Cypad Kitchen Manager – Nutritional Analysis is the missing link between systems that can order ingredients and create recipes, and systems that can sell the meals prepared.

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The missing link for kitchen and meal management
Stock Control

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For Kitchens
Calculate cost per plate

Automatically calculate your cost per plate, based upon the recipe created. Average out your cost per meal based upon predicted uptake, including the ability to summarise and report upon uptake and menu costs.

For Schools
Online pre-order integration

Using the recipes you create, and the menus you serve, Cypad links directly to the online payments systems you use to sell and receive meal bookings – reducing admin, increasing uptake and saving time and money.

For Caterers
Nutrition across your menus

With Nutritional Analysis, you can analyse your menus at site level, area level and holistically across your entire estate – giving you in-depth information at the click of a button.

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