Payment alerts and notifications

Alerts and notifications keep parents up-to-date

Schools can send payment requests, balance reminders and other information to parents by text or email through ParentPay.

It’s easy to set up, you can send emails free of charge or cost effective SMS text alerts* straight to parents' phones, saving money on the cost of printing, paper and postage.

With ParentPay, you can send information about parents’ evenings, trips, school meetings, emergency closures and even your school’s newsletters.

Parental consent forms can be collected, for example, for a school trip or outing, in order to fulfil your administrative and legal requirements.

Contact details are verified to ensure they are accurate – mobile numbers by a PIN to the phone and email addresses from within a parent’s ParentPay account.

Parents can also set up automated alerts at no cost to the school* to remind them if their balance falls below a certain level or if there’s a new item that requires payment.

And schools can still send letters home, using mail merge with MIS/ParentPay data to print personalised letters.

Get peace of mind by receiving notifications that your messages have been received - and access a history of all communications sent, keeping your school’s record-keeping accurate and up-to-date.

*There is a charge for parents who want to receive text alerts. Parents can opt in and buy small text bundles directly from ParentPay.

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