SIMS Integration

We’ve been integrating with SIMS for many years now…

Using Schoolcomms with SIMS

You can run Schoolcomms from within SIMS from the Focus menu, or from the Student Details screens. When you start using Schoolcomms, you’ll get new ‘Send message’ buttons on the SIMS student screens and the areas dealing with Behaviour Management, SEN and Exclusions.

Data Integration

You don’t need to export details from your school MIS and then import into Schoolcomms. Nor do you need to key in parents details (or get someone else to do it for you). With Schoolcomms, you can automatically update any changes you’ve made in SIMS – it’s massively time saving!

  • ‘Send Message’ buttons in SIMS
  • Messages can be sent to individuals or groups
  • Use SIMS groups, including user-defined and groups for dealing with pre-admission students
  • Dynamic access to absence information in SIMS
  • Automatic write-back of reasons for absence into SIMS Attendance
  • Write back to communication log in SIMS
  • Exam and curriculum timetables
  • Behaviour and achievement notifications
  • SIMS Assessment Manager and profile reports
  • SIMS Dinner Money integration
  • Wildcard feature allows for mail merge of key data

You can access Schoolcomms in SIMS from the Focus menu at the top left. Select Schoolcomms from the dropdown menu.


You can send emails and text messages directly from the SIMS Student Details screen by clicking on the Schoolcomms button.


Schoolcomms dynamically updates the reason for absence in Attendance and shows you the message sent from the parent.

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