School Gateway Success Guide

Your school has invested in the best parent engagement app available in the UK, now make sure you’re enjoying all of the benefits School Gateway has to offer by getting your parents on board.
School gateway

Stage 1: Launch

Here we’ll provide you with resources to let your parents know about the benefits of School Gateway. This includes wording for your website and newsletters, case studies to show you how other schools managed to get the vast majority of their parents on board as well as hints and tips.

Launch School Gateway

Stage 2: Promote

You’ve launched School Gateway and your parents love it, but there’s still a few parents who aren’t yet using the app. Here we’ll show you how to chase those parents who have slipped through the gaps and encourage those parents who may be wary of taking on a new piece of kit.

Promote School Gateway

Stage 3: Maintain

By this point the vast majority of your parents are happily using School Gateway but be sure to maintain their interest by reminding them of all the benefits School Gateway offers them, their children and the school. Find resources on best practice and how to use School Gateway to make sure your parent engagement really is outstanding.

Maintain School Gateway

Stage 4: Launch (again?)

That’s right. These steps are cyclical as every new academic year brings new parents. We’re constantly improving School Gateway so there may be even more features and benefits to tell your parents about. Stay abreast of new developments by reading our emails, checking Schoolcomms Support and even joining us on free Online Tutorials.

Schoolcomms Support