Woodland Grange Primary School

Time to read: 2min 28 Aug 2023

Phase: Primary

Local Authority: Leicestershire


To implement a quick and easy way to message parents. To reduce the amount of cash coming into the school.


A system that is user-friendly to ensure both staff and parents get the most out of it


A huge reduction in staff time, efficient collection of debts, and a great reduction in paper usage.

How Schoolcomms helped Woodland Grange Primary reach their goals

Woodland Grange were looking for a system that reduced the amount of cash coming into school and was a quick and easy way of messaging parents. The school looked at several different companies offering similar systems, but Schoolcomms seemed to be the most user-friendly to them.

Woodland Grange finds an all-in-one solution for all their woes

The school discovered how this all-in-one solution for communicating with parents helped them build a flexible system that works for them:

“We run a lot of after-school clubs, with limited places. Schoolcomms has reduced the workload generated by running these. We also very much appreciate the audit trail that Schoolcomms gives. It is easy to identify non-payers, ensure money is collected efficiently, and the auditors like the system.”

How the parents and staff feel about School Gateway

Parents were keen to use the system as it makes life easier for them. There is no longer a need to put money in envelopes and deliver them to the school office.

Schoolcomms supplied template instruction letters to help parents sign up successfully. All correspondence is now sent electronically and there is no chance of paper letters being lost enroute.

Overcoming challenges…

The school initially struggled with collecting the email addresses of all the parents, but later they felt it was well worth the time, since following that there were only a handful of parents who were not using the system due to not having access to the Internet.


The impact of adopting Schoolcomms

The school observed a huge reduction in staff time, an increase in the efficient collection of debts, and a great reduction in paper usage.

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