Lincewood Primary School

Time to read: 2min 6 Mar 2024

Phase: Primary

Local Authority: Essex


Provide an efficient and reliable messaging system that also enables the school to go cashless.


A user-friendly system that integrates seamlessly with SIMS.


Achieved a reduction in administrative hours and peace of mind, especially in emergencies.

Lincewood Primary searches for an engagement system that would fit their school’s needs

The school wanted a speedy and reliable contact messaging system that would come in use even when the school was closed. Lincewood Primary also recognised the convenience that came with online payments. For security and time-saving measures, the school also wanted to go cashless.

Why was Schoolcomms the right choice for Lincewood Primary?

In their search for a system that offered both – reliable messaging and secure online payments – the school compared at least three different systems and Schoolcomms ticked all the boxes. They found the system easy to understand, manage, and most importantly, it integrated with their management database.

Any benefits of using Schoolcomms that you hadn’t originally expected?

Lincewood Primary found that there were advantages to using Schoolcomms that the school hadn’t considered when originally looking for a parental engagement and cashless system. They discovered how:

What has parent and staff reaction been to School Gateway?

The school has received a favourable response from both staff and parents. Any issues are sorted quickly and efficiently. The system is even better now that the ‘basket’ facility has been implemented.

What challenges were you concerned about and how did you overcome them?

On the payments side we were concerned about those people who were unwilling to use an online system but parents have seen how easy it is and can see what charges have been made, or are due, and this has allayed any fears and reservations.

What has been the impact of adopting Schoolcomms?

We have saved administration time chasing unpaid dinner debts. We have peace of mind that we can contact staff and parents speedily in an emergency.

Download the PDF version of Lincewood Primary’s journey with Schoolcomms.

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