Kiwi Primary School

Time to read: 2min 30 Oct 2023

Phase: Primary

Local Authority: Wiltshire


  • To implement a single system for parents to book school meals, trips, and more.
  • Get the best in the industry parent engagement app


  • A powerful, easy-to-use app.
  • A good value-for-money solution.


  • Dramatic improvement in parent-school communication.
  • Streamlined administration.
  • Less cash in the school office.
Kiwi Primary explores how an engagement system could be a good fit for them…

Kiwi Primary wanted to streamline their payment process and provide the parents with a better experience in managing their child’s school payments and other activities.

“We wanted a single system for parents to book and pay for school meals, school trips, etc. This needed to be easy for parents to use from an app on their phones.”

How does Schoolcomms distinguish itself from the various solutions available to assist Kiwi Primary in meeting their goals?

The school had initially considered several other systems, but they felt that Schoolcomms was the best fit for the school’s parent base, simple to use, and good value for money.

Were there any advantages to using Schoolcomms that you hadn’t considered when originally looking?

With Schoolcomms being an all-in-one solution for communicating with parents, Kiwi Primary quickly realised how they could build a flexible system that works for them.

“We love the ability to add other modules. We started with a school dinner module but have since added Clubs and Parents Evenings. We have also been really impressed with the support team help desk.”

Parents and staff recognise the ease School Gateway brings to their lives…

The school noticed that parents and staff had a very positive reaction to School Gateway.
The school was successfully able to get the parents onboard and noticed how Schoolcomms was not only helpful for communicating with parents but also reduced the school’s workload.

“Teachers love the Parents Evening module placing the onus on parents to book meetings which frees up what had been an administrative headache making sure parents were booked in a time to suit and accommodate siblings. Financial reports are helpful for financial reconciliation.”

How the support team and the Wishlist Request feature helped Kiwi Primary in overcoming challenges…

Getting several parents to use a new system can be a daunting task, but Kiwi Primary were able to successfully execute the implementation of Schoolcomms.

“Initially, we were concerned about getting parents to engage with the system, but the letters and templates provided really helped this process. Current challenges are the inability to bulk remove club bookings and the dinner system not changing current bookings if the menu choice changes. Both are being reviewed by the support team. It’s great knowing that, through the use of the Wishlist Request form, our concerns are listened to and acted upon.”

What has been the impact of adopting Schoolcomms?

The school was quickly able to identify the benefits of choosing Schoolcomms as their payments and engagement system:

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