Online Payments and parental communications

Oldfield School

Why did Oldfield School want to go cashless?

By introducing ParentPay to Oldfield School, parents were given more ways to pay than previously available to them, ensuring the money given to their child actually reached the school safely.Helen Flint, Financial Administrator at Oldfield explains:

‘We wanted to give parents more options to pay & reduce the risk to students carrying large sums of money with them on public transport. It also eliminates the returned cheques from the bank due to lack of funds etc’.

Helen stated: ‘There are many factors to take into account when making your decision, such as how long the company has been established for, word of mouth, what other schools have to say about the system.

How do the system’s compare/contrast in what they offer and how will they integrate with your current systems?’

Oldfield decided to see demonstrations from various providers, giving them the opportunity to ask any questions in person. Helen adds: ‘We invited several companies into school to present to us so we could clearly see which would best suit our requirements’.

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