Multi-Academy Trusts

More than ever before, there is pressure on multi-academy trusts to provide holistic care for pupils in their classrooms.

To help optimise your school meal provision across your school sites and maximise care for your pupils across the board, you need agile, digital meal management solutions that can be tailored to your trust.

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Maximise pupil safeguarding with digital allergy & special diet type management

Children and parents feel secure knowing that they are picking safe choices free from highlighted allergies and are confident that religious and special dietary requirements are observed.

  • Allergies are managed sensitively and discretely
  • Pupil and parent confidence
  • Reach a friendly Customer Success team member in an instant – via phone or email
More meals, less waste

We understand that multi-academy trusts are under intense pressure to maximise meal uptake in schools – Cypad lets you you do this while reducing the amount of waste you produce.

  • Parent and in-classroom meal pre-orders let you plan ahead – only ordering as much stock as you need
  • Ensure every pupil gets a meal without having to throw away excess food waste at the end of lunch service
  • Cypad’s cloud-based solutions take your kitchens completely paper-free, reducing the amount of paper waste you produce
A click of a button & the order is in
the kitchen.

Offer meal pre-bookings to parents at home or engage students in classrooms with our enjoyable
pre-ordering software.

  • Centrally manage all menus across your school kitchens, whether you have 2 or 100.

  • Understand parent dinner debt in each of your schools in just a few clicks

  • Bring all aspects of meal management online –  no hardware installation is required.

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