The School Meals Report research project

Led by ParentPay Group Catering division

Running into its third year, the School Meals Report project is the largest piece of research into the parent view of school meal provision in the UK of its kind, with the survey reaching over 300,000 parents every year.

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Launched each year at the LACA Main Event in July.

About the project:

The aim of this research is to understand the parental view of the school meal service and offering available to their children. Building on the success of the 2021 survey, ParentPay, Cypad and LACA have again conducted one of the largest studies ever undertaken with parents on school meal provision in the UK.

The survey attracted an overwhelmingly positive response and totaled 306,354 respondents, providing an extremely robust overall sample size across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, as well as within the regions of England.


As an organisation in its 31st year, LACA has long been recognised as an association representing and supporting school catering organisations and teams across the country, with 80% of school catering services being delivered by its members. Assist FM have also contributed to the report and gave their full support for the responses from parents across Scotland.

This study helps us to understand what caterers and school leadership teams need to do to ensure their customers and families are happy with the service provided. Comparing the results to the previous survey and other pieces of research will provide an ongoing understanding of the needs of parents/guardians, school leadership and catering teams.

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2021 National School Meals Report

In its first year of running the research project, 140,000 parents across the UK responded to the survey. In 2021, the report covered the national results only.

2022 National School Meals Report

The second year of the project saw the research reach over 306,000 parents across the UK. For this year, the research was split into a national report, as well as regional reports covering England, Scotland and Wales respectively.

2022 England School Meals Report

2022 Welsh School Meals Report

2022 Scottish School Meals Report